One Stage 4in1 Series
One Stage Belt Driven Series One Stage Direct Driven Series One Stage PM Series One Stage 4in1 Series One Stage Level 1 Series Two Stage PM Series Oil-free water lubrication series Single-phase series
4IN1 20A
4IN1 20A
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Product feature

High rigidity, low vibration

Compressor main body integrated structure;

High seal construction

Tubing G thread + simplex finger tube water flow structure, cooler cleaning is simple;

Good durability

Advanced configuration SKF high speed and heavy duty bearing fully enclosed external fan motor;

High reliability of condensate discharge (option)

Timer and solenoid valve combined action condensate forced discharge;

Bearing long life

Lubricating oil filter filtration accuracy;

Complete electrical protection

Standard configuration auxiliary power circuit special circuit breaker, control circuit protector

Exhaust pressure: 1.6MPa

Exhaust volume: 1.4m³/min

Motor power: 15kW

Motor speed: 3600r/min

Voltage/frequency: 380/50v/Hz

Drive mode: direct drive

Noise value: ≤65±2dB (A)

Cooling method: air cooling

Oil content of export gas: ≤1.5ppm

Automatic start mode: frequency conversion start

Outlet size: G1"

Compressed air outlet temperature: ambient temperature +15C°

Box size (L*W*H) : 1770*750*1590mm

Weight: 450kg